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Hand disinfection and similar Swan-labeled gentle hygiene products from Plum are available here.

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Hand Disinfectants

If you have a repeated need to use hand spray for hand disinfection, just see what we have in Stennevad. We cooperate with Danish Plum, who has many years of experience producing hand gel, spray and disinfectant wipes for quick use. It is scientifically proven that we can keep infections and viruses better if we can keep our hands as clean as possible.

On the go

When we are on the move or busy with a task, it is not always easy to get a sink. Therefore, we can resort to a disinfectant to hands. Hand spray with odor or neutral hand infection. You and your colleagues choose the solution that suits your requirements for a busy day.

The ethanol-based hand spray is becoming more and more popular in public spaces and in many different types of companies.

A popular solution

For example, at the entrance to the breakfast room or restaurant buffet. Or at the hospital and the hospital, where it is decidedly taught in real hand hygiene. Also, in most kitchens there is clear access to disinfection products.

Your hands are the body's largest source of infection. Therefore, frequent washing and disinfection is proven as effective counterattack for bacteria and viruses in our molars community. 

The right combination of products for your workplace can help you with. In customer service, we handle many requests every day for hygiene items such as soaps and hand sprays. With Plum products like Disinfector 75% Gel and Hand Surgery 85%, you are well-sealed when your hands are ready for a new task that requires cleanliness and low risk of infection and infections.

We mean it when we say that we're saving it with certainty. Our knowledge and ability to service and advice in hand hygiene, in collaboration with Plum, is unsurpassed and unique. It is about understanding each other in the tasks that lie at hand. It produces the best results with the most accurate products.