Protecting your head has never been easier than with Kask. Stennevad is the main distributor of Kask safety helmets for the industry in Denmark.

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With Kask, the world has got the ultimate work helmet, with its simple design, comfortable features and a lot of superficial accessories, it makes cool helmets cool in a cool way. The safety helmet and their enhancement will never be the same again, because Italian Kask has moved the limits of what you and your colleagues are willing to choose a helmet for daily use for many hours.

In Stennevad we saw the tendency in the zeros, where professionals began to set higher and higher demands on their equipment. Especially equipment that would be used extensively for a long time.

With headgear comfort is an enormously relevant subject because low comfort creates poorer working conditions, which can lead to loss of concentration which can further lead to dangerous situations for the wearer's wearer and his surroundings.

The new thing was easier weight more padding and a sharp and cool design. And Kask delivered the entire package first and best, which is also promised stuck on the market with seven-inch nails. Caps are the biggest and best of luxury safety helmets. And we deliver to you and your colleagues. Based on the Kask assortment and dialogue with you, we can tailor the helmet setup that suits you and your colleagues perfectly. 

Visibility, color accessories like ear protection and eye protection. We consider everything. It is even possible with your own marking on the helmets based on different criteria, which you can hear from us.

We carry all Kask models like the super popular Plasma and the new Zenith. Especially our Hiviz models and the white and fluorescent color are a hit by a helmet brand that has really competed with established brands like Petzl, Peltor, Centurion and many others.

Do not make mistakes. If you treat your Capsule well, it will protect you optimally throughout the lifetime of the safety helmet. All that is required is just a little help and advice from Stennevad. We save your life for sure.