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Customize and maintain your hearing protection with the right accessories

If you are missing a dispenser for your earplugs or perhaps a new hygiene kit for your hearing protection, you will find it here. If you do not find what you are missing, our customer service is always just an email or a call away.

It does not need to be worn out and throw away when you're bobbing with your hearing aid that might have seen better days. Stennevad leads accessories and spare parts for many 3M Peltor ear protectors as well as Honeywell's Howard Leight models. In case of a definite replacement or improvements to a product, we will assist you with a quick and painful search for the right product.

Find accessories for all kinds of hearing protection at Stennevad

We have Hellberg's extensions with earphones for hearing protection as a lightweight solution for eyes as well as ears. But also with hygiene sets and new pillows for ear cups, we know how to maneuver around in a huge range of accessory products.

In the case of electronic hearing aid equipment, it is always an assessment case in individual cases whether a repair can pay off against a new acquisition. Whichever way the arrow points, we are ready with a solution that gives you a sense of customer satisfaction. What can pay for earplugs? Or earlobes for that matter.

Contact us and learn more about all the rules concerning work safety

There is no doubt that a hearing aid user always comes the longest with proper use, maintenance and storage. Life expectancy is extended and total PPE and occupational safety costs fall. A scenario most companies strive for.

But then we also get the right gear when the need arises because it does. There are so incredibly high demands on personal safety equipment today. Is it fashionable in color and design? But for us it's about making you realize that the most important is your security. We know rules and products and can provide you with the best prerequisites for getting harmless through the dangers of work.