Here you will find your safety helmet and climbing helmet, we have many colors and variants from quality brands such as Kask, 3M Peltor, Petzl and Grolls.

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Protect your head with head protection

You are well in the process of taking your first step into a world that requires the use of personal protective equipment with an approved safety helmet. When you send the kids to school on the bike and give them their bicycle helmet, it is in the heart of the right place and with the right mindset. The head is probably the most important place on the body and the place we protect most.

When you go to work and work places where you have ricisi to hurt your head, do you also protect your own head? Stennevad will surely guide you to the main protection and the main protection that suits your and your colleagues' needs. We would like to assist you with special requests for equipment and accessories.

Industrial helmet or climbing helmet?

Most helmets you see in the very Danish country are industrial helmets, they make sure. for safety at the site of construction. They are approved according to the EN 397 standard, they are safety helmets also called work helmets for industrial work. It is important that they are not confused with climbing helmets as important differences are the tensile strength of the boom when it must be low on the industrial helmet to prevent choking in smaller falls and occupational accidents and where it is much higher on the climbing helmet to prevent the helmet from falling off at less shock in a larger fall. It is therefore dangerous to use a climbing helmet with an industrial safety helmet and vice versa.

A climbing helmet looks like an industrial helmet, but unlike the industrial helmet it is suitable for climbing. It is approved according to EN 12492 and not EN 397, therefore it must not be used as a safety helmet in the industry as it does not have the required EN 397 standard.

If you work a place where you climb, such as a fitter who climbs windmills and similar climbing, you will need a climbing helmet. An important difference between the climbing helmets is other requirements of the corresponding EN 12492 standard around the helmet to the head - so it does not fall. As well as other rules for economics in relation to industrial helmets in EN 397.

How long does a safety helmet last?

When you buy a new safety helmet, it will always be seen in the data sheet and user manual / manual from the manufacturer how long the helmet can last. By far, most work helmets will last 5 years, but what you need to pay special attention to is the labeling for production. There will usually be the month and year for when the helmet is produced, the 5-year lifetime of the shelf also called shelf life - it's absolutely impossible to say that you can use it for 5 years.

The safety of a safety helmet depends on factors such as weather and use, the biggest influenced has the sun and its UV rays. The worst thing you can do is to have your helmet standing in the windshield inside the van, if you want to maximize the life of your safety helmet, keep it dry and away from the sun as much as possible. You can also benefit from buying a tire bag for your safety helmet, such as Kask's helmet bag.

A safety helmet must be discarded as soon as it has received a shock, even if you can not immediately see damage to the helmet, it may damage it, making it unusable. Another thing that makes a safety helmet useless is if it gets paint, glue or strong chemistry. For example, if you want to specialize your employees' helmets with company logo and personalize them with names, then the solution is not to stick a random sticker to the helmet, which means that the helmet must be discarded as the adhesive can break down the helmet. Therefore, always take hold of your secure partner Stennevad, we can safely help you and your people, and save you for costly mistakes.