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Quality handles

A good costume wood makes all the difference when cleaned, here you will find only quality handles. For several centuries we have been addicted to being able to supply our tools with proper shafts. It is still necessary today. Whether it's a broom and tray with long handle as a set. We are all dependent on our equipment working and helping us to perform a task easier and much more effortlessly. Your handle should be able to last, and you also need it all for quality.

Partnership with Vikan

Stennevad works with Vikan to deliver quality handles for you and your colleagues. We always ensure the right product regardless of length or function. The modern handle is a combination of functionality, price and durability.

We have solutions for cleaning, painting and washing. Our range covers everything but is still conspicuously and professionally composed.

The right solution for you

In Stennevad we go for the right solution for you every time. This is done through dialogue and cooperation between us, you and our supplier of cost shafts. A shaft is trust and faith in quality. Poor quality means damage to equipment and in the worst-case damage to you because your task is complicated by bad equipment that is not really intended for the task you need to perform with the help of a costly wood.

Many people just see the handle as a consumable product that smokes along with the tool that is to be extended. We say that you should upgrade with better quality so your things last longer and thus help you perform far more tasks than before.

With many years of experience in cleaning and sweeping equipment, we say in Stennevad that Vikan products are to be considered. Their quality is unsurpassed in Denmark, which makes them the only and most obvious collaborator in handles for you and Stennevad.