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Single use

We believe that the safety briefs of the future are for single use, after which they must be destroyed. No cleaning and risk of after contamination of any form. A safe coverall if you want. With our expertise in emergency response or terrorist action, you and your colleagues can be completely confident of a serious partner when you are dressed so that you can properly solve a given task. We know chemical raids and what demands are made from authorities and you as a user. Receive our customer service by mail or phone to get the right product within safety suits. Or find one of our many demo videos on Youtube. We collaborate with experienced suppliers to make special solutions to many companies and institutions in Denmark.

Strong items

With strong one-off items like Superguard and Indutex Partiguard, we can meet most needs of our customers who work with issues that require safety suits. Your suit can be tailored to your need for protection. A good all-round protective suit must be of Type 5 & 6. Then you have a reasonable starting point if you need to paint, clean, clean or prime.

We are experts in the idea of ​​one-piece suit and have been working on the concept for many years. We think it's the best way to protect your body.

Regardless of the threat size, we can upgrade and downgrade the suit's features. from the all-encompassing terrorist preparedness to the small cleaning task.

Trust our expertise

We always recommend that you participate in a dialogue with Stennevad consultants to get the right suit or cover for your assignment. We know what questions to deal with before you start working.

If necessary, we can completely complete and pack you fully with suit, gloves and hood as well as respirator for the task. Your occupational safety is very important to us, and we save your life with certainty.