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Knee protection for all

Here you will find several different knee protectors, from the very cheap to our high-end versions that are so comfortable that you can use them all day long. There is a distinct problem that you as a professional and craftsman may well be a little challenged on your posture during a regular working day. That's why a good and durable solution like custom knee pillows for work that needs to be done on your knees. Through dialogue with customers and experiences done with the same, we know how an assortment of knee loads to professionals should look like.

It's no matter what knee protectors you decide to use. What does cheap knee seekers help if it goes beyond work and comfort? In Stennevad, we say that it's not worth compromising every time just because the price is a little different.

With brands like Fento and Gelenk we know how to treat your knees properly and appropriately throughout the working day. And it may well involve a pair of well-designed knee protectors or knee seekers.

55+ years experience

With over 55 years of experience in cooperation with our customers in the construction industry, we know how much equipment can help in everyday life, if it is the right equipment. We have therefore learned from our customers' experiences and collected all useful knowledge about knee protection knee protection.

Can you settle for a couple to get into the knee pockets on your workbag? Or are you a bit stupid because most of your work is happening on your knees?

Dependable customer service

In Stennevad customer service we can quickly find you a pair of knee pads. But if it's not quite straightforward, there's always the opportunity to get hold of our consultants who are in continuous dialogue with our suppliers of personal safety equipment for professionals like you and your colleagues. We would rather ask the manufacturer so that we hit the very first time you need to buy work safety at Stennevad.