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Clean & soft

It is important to keep both hands clean and soft. With the right cream from Danish Plum, you are guaranteed optimal conditions for your fingers and hands. It is common sense to take good care of your hands to handle long working days with a lot of sinks.

We all know it. Lots of water and soap on your hands provide hard hints for your most important tool in everyday life. We try as much as possible in Stennevad to equip you and our other customers with creams and the like that can maintain your skin's natural fat layer, but also repair dry areas and deciduous damage. From the very lightweight Plum skin care cream Handy Creme to the completely heavy repair cream Locobase Repair. Our packages are many and in different sizes depending on your and colleagues' needs in everyday life.

Dry hands create cracks that can provide space for dirt that can ultimately lead to infections and painful genes. With the right hand cream, you counteract these hazards, so you can always concentrate on your work.

At the front

Like Plumbing, Plum is at the forefront when we talk about environmentally conscious production and regulated product documentation. With the swan label and a long history of quality products in the back, the Danish skin care creamer manufacturer can well stand up for their range.

Customer care for you

In Stennevad, our customer service is also good at home in the range of skin care creams. We know a lot about what may work for you and your colleagues when you need cream on your fingers. The straight path to the right solutions is through Stennevad with the help of service and advice, so the right product is delivered the first time.

Then you need Plum Handy Mild, Handy Plus, Handy Creme 40% or Handy Lotion 18%. Contact us online or phone 75144000. We are always ready with the sharp delivery time and an expedition with a smile. We save your life with certainty. Your Locobase Repair or Locobase Moisturizer awaits you here with us because we think about your hands' wellbeing.