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A indispensible tool

A dustpan is indispensable when sweeping something up, we do not compromise on quality - you will find only high-quality sweeper trays.

Whether it's a few sweets or a set of food and sweets with a long shaft or just a dustpan with diet, we are guaranteed the highest quality and products for repeat use and durable work. Traditional models such as diet and sweepback wood and robust dustpan are carefully selected by us along with Vikan, Danish quality. Thus, we jointly find the best cleaning solution for you and your colleagues.

If you are missing the dustpan for a job, just look at Stennevad. We help you with the right cleaning items. Are there great tasks that require hand brushes and dustpans?

Are there bigger tasks that call on shovel and diet?

We are here for you

No matter what, then we know when it is appropriate to use the one and the other, so you do not end up buying a sweepstakes in vain.

Your assignment may only be carried out as safely and effectively as possible. Therefore, we go in and evaluate the work situation with Vikan and you, so you have a real solution that does not hamper your daily work.

Remember some personal safety rules when sweeping and collecting a leaf. Do you protect yourself against dust and other particles that swirl when you sweep?

Consider dust mask and ventilation

Obviously, if you get enough of the dirt on your sweeper sheet, it should also be properly eliminated so that it does not end at the sweep tray and diet again and again

The dustpan is essential in any household, so of course we have both plastic and metal feeder blades depending on the need for durability versus price and quality. A dustpan with a broom cannot exist in a normal Danish home. We provide everyone who is willing to go for quality products at reasonable prices. See our selection here.