Wipes and disposable tissues have become modern and one thing no Dane can live without. We deliver top quality.

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Disposable wipes with thought behind them

Together with Plum, we are very advanced when it comes to wipes or dry cleaners for cleaning and washing surfaces, hands and other skin. With powerful products like Plum Wipes All-Purpose, Hand & Tool and Heavy-Duty, you as a working tire are incredibly well involved in cleaning and wiping different things and yourself.

Easy to use

The easy-to-use buckets are closed for penetrating dirt and very easy to get rags off. These contain many rags, enough for many cleaning tasks. Of course, your dry cleaners are for single use to maintain the best hygiene ethics around cleaning and sanitation. We are confident that you and colleagues will get the best solution with a selected dry cleaner. So when you do not have easy access to water and soap, think about Wipes from Plum.

Furthermore, Plum has also developed a complete disinfection line called WipeClean. Here you will find dry reservoirs with ethanol, so you can quickly and efficiently wipe and disinfect surfaces and hands at a glance.

WipeCare is non-ethanol wiping for care tasks with people.

In Stennevad we welcome the easy and easily accessible extra hygiene that is in a wiping product. Its ease of use enables you and your colleagues to minimize infection risks and infectious risks without thinking about it.

You only take the disposable cloth and dry. Easier cannot it be?

Our society is designed to function mechanically without infection and disease. We all come closer to the goal if we only think about a little bit of wiping when we have been out in the public space where handles, handrails, handshakes and hand tools often require a little friendly and fast disinfectant and clean wiping with a dry cleaner also called Wipes.