Respiratory protection

Here you will find many types of respirators and accessories

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Take care of your lungs

We know how important it is to take care of the breath. Therefore, we will show you in this section what you can use of equipment to carry out your task safely and pleasantly. To protect yourself with respirators, it is extremely important to use parts and accessories that are approved for overall use. We have guides & information on the page about the choice of respirator and if there are still questions, please contact our customer service.

Be ready for sharper rules

For several decades, the focus on breathing and breathing has been sharply sharpened. With the alienation and the finding of the dangers of smoking, for example, we have seen various lung diseases and disorders, where absolutely correct and effortless respiration should be.

In industry, there have also been a lot of demands for the use of PPE for respiratory protection. Major brands like 3M and Sundström are experts in equipment like masks.

Our approach to your needs is simple. We will help you to address questions about your and colleagues' work situation, giving us an insight into what you need for respiratory protection. We cut into the leg and give you the direct way. Even if that means scolding. Most of us know when we should think about using a mask at work. But in fact, it's the few of us who know how the right solution looks.

There are thousands of risks out there when we breathe. Stennevad can identify the hazards and equip you and other customers with the right solution so that the working day becomes as comfortable and safe as required.

We find the right solution for you

Loss of comfort often means loss of concentration. And loss of concentration can at worst result in injuries and even death at work.

Our consultants are experienced in all our quality products using everything from dust masks and filters to larger, fresh air systems. Whatever is called Adflo, Proflow or SR500. We deliver only the right and very best for you. But it requires for you to tell us with what you are working.