Winter gloves are cool to have in the winter, here you will find our selection of different types, with and without a waterproof membrane. Order in time.

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Winter gloves are cool

When you freeze in winter, your hands are one of the first places you freeze. Unfortunately, we often see people walking outside and working in the frost with mounting gloves or without wearing gloves. You are always safe with Stennevad as your trusted partner, we have mastered all the rules when it comes to occupational health and work safety. But equally important, we are also fully aware of what is happening in your industry, so we can always take care of your needs. If you have outdoor work in the winter, winter gloves are not only cool - they are also required for carrying out winter work.

Keep your head cold and your hands warm

It is important for work safety for both you and your colleagues that you can keep your head cold. It is more or less impossible to do if you stand and freeze your hands and fingers, dot and work gloves helps nothing against the cold. Real winter gloves must be fitted with insulation and perhaps watertight membrane, providing warm and dry hands and fingers throughout the winter. There is nothing cool about freezing your fingers in the winter without winter gloves, a good winter glove with reflex like for example dexter traffic tundra also gives you maximum visibility - which is even more important in the short days of winter.

Winter is coming - Winter is here

In the summer's lovely sunny weather, winter gloves may be the last thing you think of, but in fact you can make it a routine to think of winter gloves already there. If you want to be absolutely sure that we have all the pair of winter gloves you and your colleagues need to keep warm throughout the winter, it is best if you grab your personal counselor sometime in the summer. Then we make sure you can match your need for winter gloves - throughout the winter.