Here you will find different kinds of aprons Tyvek, PVC, Army cloth

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Keep your clothes clean

Aprons help keep your clothes clean and protect against minor damage. There are almost countless uses for an apron when you think about it.

We also know that in Stennevad. With us, the range of aprons is always approached by a conscious consumer and professional who thinks his task all the way through all that means. The traditional PVC apron is on the shelves in several colors and lengths with and without harness, which can of course also be bought as accessories. There is also a disposable apron in plain plastic bag material. You can get apron with sleeves of Tyvek or similar material.

If we go over to more natural material, our apron edition in Army cloth is also very popular. Colors and lengths vary as desired. At the very heavy end, we also hit leather aprons for tougher and more rigorous protection under specific tasks that require protection from slipping tools and knives for example handwork of different types. Of course, our leather aprons are available in different sizes to suit any individual user. Look at them with us.

Slaughterhouses & forging

Many slaughterhouses and forging companies are big supporters of aprons, as they help to extend the working life of the workwear significantly. With such an additional protection in front, most work nuts can be removed in a snap when it is ready for use.

Many cooks have also begun to show the aprons on television. A good apron for cooking is also to be sought. Fertilizer and food residue as well as water and soap from the dishes. It all exposes the clothes to incredible amounts of dirt and ultimately dirt that does not come out of the laundry during washing.

In Stennevad, we give you and colleagues the opportunity to decide how important the maintenance of the work clothes should be. Therefore, aprons are of course a sensible option, which you should consider for a single second. It can turn into a big advantage for me financially.