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More than "just" a sole

In your shoes, the sole may be easily overlooked things that "just" must be there, but the truth is that a good selling can really make a big difference to your comfort throughout the day. For example, they help create the right contact and support for your foot. This propagates all the way through your body and can relieve or hard-tried areas such as hip, loin, shoulders and / or back. We are many who are too fast to ignore the importance of the feet and their substrates for functions elsewhere in the body. We think that in Stennevad is a definite error.

Therefore, you should be extra aware of your footwear and how it is adapted to you and your feet.

A footprint is as unique as a fingerprint. It also means that your condition and time must be supported in the right way for your entire body to function optimally. A real sole in a real shoe will take you long in the pursuit.

Soles that suits your feet

We can equip you with soles that help you and your body on the way. With special soles and insoles for shoes from Brynje and SIKA we have allied us with some strong brands in soles for footwear.

So when looking for soles for safety shoes, ask yourself some questions about the working environment, area, function and approvals. At best, it can save you from damages and fines.

You are wise to give priority to your attention to the footwear. Do yourself a favor and focus on a sole that does something good for you and your comfort when you need to work. After all, it's 8-10 hours every single day and your feet will last forever. Start from the bottom, because it is still there, the problems will also start gradually.

You can also get past Esbjerg at an apartment. Here in Esbjerg we can find out which insole is best for you and your shoes.

We will also be happy if you and your colleagues wish it. We can quickly make it more comfortable for your feet.

Call our consultant in your area and agreement.