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The right detergent for the job

It can be difficult to find the right detergent that is effective, but also gentle to the environment and skin. With us you will find only high caliber cleaners.

Assoren for you & the environment

A universal detergent that gets you almost all the way about cleaning is the Plum Assoren. A tired partner for almost all dirt and dirt challenges. In cooperation with Danish Plum we have secured access to the cleaning product, which replaces most others. Environmentally friendly, powerful in use and without odor and harmful effects if it is of course used with care.

The assortment comes with the best general leaflet in the form of well documented documentation and modern data sheets, as well as instructions for use that are to be understood.

This is all the company's universal detergent. Whether it's production, warehouse or public institution. This cleaning solution is for all tasks.

Like Plum, say about their wonder product:Effective and biodegradable degreasing and cleaning agent.

Ideal use cases

Ideal for, for example, workshop cleaning, engine and machine cleaning, drilling rigs, train and ship cleaning, cleaning in graphic industries, food industries and general cleaning of floors, walls and fixtures and the like.

In Stennevad we supply everything to privates and professionals who are tired of the poor equipment and cleaning products that flush more than they clean. We'll do it all and pusher Assoren your cleaner and your colleagues. Try it next time there is a turmoil on the program. You will not be disappointed. Our experiences with universal cleaner like Assoren are exclusively positive from customers who use the product regularly to clean up.

In Customer Service, we are ready to help anyone in need of personal occupational safety in the form of environmentally friendly cleaning articles that do not harm you, but still get the job done even though it may not look much on the surface.