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We deliver your industrial Plum hand cleaner for cleaning your hands.

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A core product

Super Plum Hand Cleaner dispenser and various cleaning solutions from a Danish core production such as Plum. Focusing on hygiene and skin care for more than 150 years, the Fynian company has taken care of the processes and the environmental challenge that can be caused by producing hand cleaners. With an assortment of Plulux, Plulac, Premium and Profi, you and your colleagues are fully covered with handheld products from the shelf with the best and most environmentally friendly quality. Swan-labeled Premium soap for daily cleansing of hands.

Large refills for dispenser solutions, so the company's cleaning stations never run out of soaps.

Hard against dirt - soft against your skin

Our Plum hand cleaners are hard against the dirt while being gentle to skin and the environment - effective skin cleansing that suits you and your skin.

Super Plum is useful for soiling with oils, paint, dust, varnishes and so on. It is based on vegetable ingredients and without solvents.

Many of the products are available in paste form containing granules that can slide dirty of your fingers, even though it is well groomed after many hours of wear.

Hygiene - a safety factor

Hand hygiene is very much in focus today with national authorities and companies. There are many general rules and guidelines for hygiene. Especially at schools, at day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals and workplaces, it is common sense to exercise the right hand hygiene so we avoid infections spreading. We remedy and prevent skin problems. More than every eight workers have problems with the skin on average, and infections due to treatment at the Danish hospitals make up 80,000 beds per year.

In Stennevad we focus on Plum hand cleanser, because it is Danish quality, which can be documented and followed from production until it stands out at the customer's shelf. The effect and effect of the cleaning is unmatched a splendid product when it comes to hand cleaners like Plulux and Plulac for the industry and public institution networks in Denmark.