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Good brush for good paint

Every painter knows that you need a good paint brush to make a proper piece of painting. Therefore, you only see high caliber brushes here.

In Stennevad we have been working hard on painting products and tools for painting because of course we have roots in color trading. The experience we have done makes us able to distinguish between all the different quality products available in the Danish market. We believe to have found an affiliate in Anza that can deliver to all the needs of paintbrushes. Whether it's modler, radiator brush, round brush or disposable brush. We can find a reasonable and sustainable solution for your and colleagues needs every single time.

Should you use for oil-based or water-based paint? What works best in brush type? Natural hair or synthetic brush hair?

The right questions

We ask the right questions, so you get the best option to optimize your painting tasks with better equipment in the form of the right paint brush.

Our paint machine is Denmark's best. This is also true of our paintbrushes. Your access to our inventory items can be fast, so you do not have to miss paintbrushes for a long time.

If you paint lists or doors or sticks and the like, then we have a paintbrush for you. Anza brushes you will be disappointed by because they are in the super league of brush strokes and painting tools at all.

Don't skimp on quality

Who has not tried to stand with a brush that suddenly falls off the shaft and down in the bucket of paint? The poor quality punishes both during and after a finished painting work. The clear conclusion is that price and quality are connected. But with us in Stennevad you will be surprised at what that price means.

In customer service, we are ready to find the right paintbrush with you and your colleagues. It should be able to last for many hours and extremely much paint. We know that Anza's products can. So, therefore, we always deliver class products when it comes to the purchase of paint brush.