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Flight caps and evacuation masks until when the accident occurs

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Time is vital during emergencies

In the case of accidents, time is a very important factor, our longstanding experience and knowledge helps our customers to be properly prepared so that accidents do not occur - or at least they are properly equipped to handle all types of incidents. We deal with flight caps for use in connection with chemical accidents.

Smoke kills

It's usually never the flames that kill people but the smoke. This lesson characterizes the most adult people today. And with the way we build on, there are higher and higher requirements that we can handle ourselves in an emergency. In other countries, for example, hotels are required that their guests have access to escape caps and evacuation masks and similar equipment in all rooms. Unfortunately, this is not yet in Denmark, but do not you think the safety requirements will be higher and higher like many new construction projects?

See the flight hood from Sundstrøm. It is with filter and in two versions. One to smoke with mercury and to one without. A relatively economically sound solution for you as a customer. The flight deck will buy you time if you are somewhere where it can be a challenge to get away in a hurry.

Honeywell has their compressed air solution Fenzy Bioscape - Here you are guaranteed a guaranteed fresh air supply with a portable oxygen bottle. The evacuation mask is a product for today and for future self-reliant citizens who take emergency and evacuation situations seriously and personally.

Ensure maximum safety in emergencies

Avoid immediate smoke poisoning in the event of fire - consider escape mask and evacuation equipment. When it comes to first aid and disasters, always be sure to save yourself before saving others. And here, respiratory protection and smoke protection are vital things - at least in the event of fire and explosions, where a lot of smoke and evaporation develops.

With our experience, we can advise and guide you to the right flight cap that fits into thought disasters according to you and the need to meet you. We're done by the phone.