Safety helmet spare parts can be your shortcut to the optimal protective helmet

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Approved spare parts for your safety helmet

When it comes to protection of the head and face of occupational safety and protective equipment, there are almost no limits to how many combination options we can be exposed to as professional professionals that go beyond our own and our colleagues' personal safety. Almost all the time safety helmets and bumpcaps have been needed, there has been a need to protect themselves further. Whether hearing, face or sight, more and better opportunities have been developed for us as users over time.

Many of our suppliers are running some things by standards, while other things are completely customized solutions, whether it's Hellberg, KASK, 3M Peltor or Honeywell.

As a supplier, we are forced to relate to your reality. And it can mean many different setups with a mixed range of successes.

Everything is taken into consideration

We always take into consideration what equipment you have and whether it meets your needs. Additionally, your spare parts need to be paid, or if you are better off buying new ones. It is an eternal cost benefit calculation, which we can usually do for you quickly and free of charge. We are always ready to find you the right solution. If this means spare parts or new equipment, we guarantee your personal safety and always reasonable equipment reliability through proper use and maintenance of your gear.

As a customer, you should always ask questions about delivered equipment. Does it solve my security needs? And can I solve the mandatory task? It is not always that you get the answer you are expecting or as expected by your employer. A healthy skepticism about your safety equipment and your daily jobs is therefore a clear recommendation as the first step from us in Stennevad.

But give us a call and we'll find the right solution for you.