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Every year more than 40000 Danes will get injured during their working day, it is our vision to save your life with certainty. You must have ample and ample access to both knowledge and guidance, so you can fill out the form below with a free security check. Then you will be contacted by the consultant who is in your area, meeting you for a pleasant talk about your use of personal protective equipment and your company and industry. This meeting and the subsequent conversation and feedback provide a basis for a good and solid working environment, to the satisfaction of both you and your colleagues, but also the management and your overall goal in your business.

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Stay up to date on work safety

Within the field of occupational safety and the use of personal protective equipment, much is happening both within Denmark's borders but also in the EU and abroad. There can be really much information and many rules to keep track of, with Stennevad as your secure partner, you are always in the forefront of development and within the rules and limits of the law. You can find very good information and guides for personal safety here on the website and if you are ready for close cooperation, you need a tailor-made security agreement. Here you will find your own personal consultant, an expert in personal safety and the use of personal protective equipment.

Stennevad - your secure partner

You have a very special partner in Stennevad, here we do not only work for dollars, cents and sales, but for your colleagues' work safety. Ever since our startup in 1960, service and rewarding cooperation has been the top priority. It's not just words when we say that we save your life with certainty, with personal protective equipment and knowledge. And this particular knowledge and tailor-made thought to you and your employees, on your company and industry, is what makes the difference between your job security. It's about getting home safe - every day.