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Work in the rain

Outdoor work can be fun and cool. But it's barely so nice to stand out in the rain without rainwear. That's why we bring high quality rainwear, so you can work on - even when it's raining. everything from rainwear offers to a special raincoat. We deliver to your needs.

Rainwear ladies’ lady has been around for many years, which has also influenced the development of modern durable and breathable rainwear. In Stennevad we manage to combine all the needs of personal occupational safety so that you are guaranteed the right workwear for the right task. Whether it's rainwear with a feather, rainwear with fleece, shorts or oil rainwear. We know the product if we get promise to ask your colleagues and colleagues the need for quality rainwear at work.

We work the same with Lyngsøe Rainwear, making Lyngsøe Rainwear for professionals who never go to Compromise with functionality and comfort. This type of raincoat is unique and varied depending on industry and weather conditions.

The best of the best

The theories in watercolor printing rainwear are many and that is also the reason why we choose the best partner in Denmark. They provide powerful rainwear for all conceivable users and scenarios. It is Alpha and Omega that you and colleagues can keep you dry and warm at work. If the cold sneaks in, then the focus goes out. It can quickly cause dangerous situations due to lack of concentration. At worst, it means occupational accidents, perhaps even with loss of someone's premiere or even someone's life.

We would like to avoid this in Stennevad. Therefore, we have made rainwear, hiviz rainwear, anti-flame rainwear and many other exceptional equipment for wet and cold and less visible work.

Our experience in the legislation for PPE and protective equipment is in line with Lyngsøe and their knowledge of how we should think of water pressure and visibility in our outerwear when exposed to Danish weather conditions at work.