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Safety - no compromises

Your safety is uncompromising for Stennevad. When it comes to fall protection valves, we are experts in advising and teaching in use and maintenance of fall protection and harness equipment. It is not subordinate to which drop-out belt you choose for your assignment. It is of course a matter of comfort, use, user requirements and price. There is always a reason to ask us, so you get the most optimal equipment.

Whether the brand is Fallsafe or Sala. We know what you need, so you can safely come home to your family end of work. For general protection against falls, it may be glittering with a frowning seat, while upgrading to comfort and features if there is a definite need for a work belt or climbing seat for long-term work.

We know the rules

Over time, rules and requirements have been sharply increased when it comes to professionals' fall protection equipment. For sellers under EN361, Stennevad knows all the rules and conditions they apply when you and colleagues are going to work where there is a risk of falling.

Therefore, ask yourself a few initial questions, to guide yourself on the right track in your acquisition of a drop-off belt.

How long should the seal be used? How do you use it? Does the employer set any requirements for the use of fall protection?

Training is required by law

It is the case with all fall protection that the user must be trained in using it. Are you?

Stennevad is happy to help with everything. Our service department has many years of experience in the inspection and control of harnesses for use in the workplace for personal occupational safety. We always follow the rules and are not afraid to give our customers a clean message, if anything is not as it should be. We have seen most of our service trips around Denmark. And unfortunately, fall protection is still very different from both private and professionals.

Now, gamble with life and fitness. Come past Stennevad for an informal talk about fall arrests and other protective equipment.