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Here you will find safety glasses, welding screens, face shades & accessories

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Protect your eyes with safety glasses

If you should choose a part of your body to protect before everyone else, many will choose your eyes. We need our vision today to move and work efficiently and purposefully. has modern solutions and traditional classics in safety goggles. We can deliver just the glasses you need. Also outside our own range. Whether it's price or quality that's important, we'll find the right safety glasses with the right marking and approval.

You have tried to get something in your eyes. It's not comfortable. But what's worse, you'll be hampered in your movements and concentration when the vision is affected. Imagine how it is if we speak pebbles and metal splinters and sparks that move with hundreds of feet a second. Your cornea is sensitive and can quickly take permanent damage if a foreign body finds its way past your eyelid.

Approved eyewear, visors and glasses can ensure you 100% against these hazards and risks.

Today, lightweight solutions are made of plastic material that cheaply and efficiently protects you from work through the EN 166 standard.

Stennevad & co supplies you with quality safety glasses

With suppliers like 3M, Honeywell, Bollé, UVEX and Emerson in the back, we always deliver what you want and the solution with the most correct features for your needs.

When pressed in place and need everything in a spectacle like safety glasses with strength, such as BX Reader or Iris, we are ready for guidance. Our range of eye protectors gives you an overview and filters out any unclear talk.

It is the case with safety glasses today that it has become a use and throw away product. However, there is no reason to compromise on your own job security.

We always control the laws of labeling and EN standards for our products, the rally time meets the required certification requirements and a guide.