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Clean & safe hands

It is important to keep your hands clean, but also to maintain them with nourishing creams so that they can last for everyday work. We only carry soaps and creams from reputable manufacturers such as Danish Plum. In addition, of course, we also have dispensers for everything, so you and your colleagues can easily and easily use the products. We also have wipes dry cleaners that make it easy as a play to clean your fingers or a subject. We keep your hygiene at the top.

Of course, your skin must be kept clean and handled according to all the rules of the art. Therefore, Plum. Sunscreen, Locobase Repair or Hand Cleaner. We are only suppliers of Danish quality, so you know that there are controls on ingredients and approvals.

There are many tasks that leave your hands dirty, so it is necessary to clean and clean them. After such a move, the hands can easily feel dry and inelastic. Then it is a good solution to finish them with, for example, a Locobase fat cream that is extremely popular in the assortment of Plum.

Danish Plum

Our longstanding collaboration with the Danish Plum in hygiene and skin care products gives us a unique opportunity to help you and your colleagues to avoid consequential damage to hard work or wrong care products. 

We stand for our range of hand spray and sunscreen, for the skin is gently groomed and protected so you always have your most precious tool (your hands) in top shape for all kinds of work that puts work safety and hand hygiene in focus.

World class support

In customer service, we provide the right advice and assistance when you and your colleagues need skin care and world-class hand hygiene. The stone-proof road to safety for your hands also applies to how they work when you do not have work gloves. Therefore, care every day. Stennevad helps you and your colleagues. You just call us or use our webshop that has a wide range of Plum products. But as a starting point, you can access everything from Plum.