Green profile

At Stennevad, we recognize the importance of adapting to market trends. Our flexibility and ability to change our set up is what justifies the company to operate. When the focus is on climate and the environment, it is our duty to strive for as green a profile as possible. An attitude we work with continuously. Now we are starting to incorporate greener alternatives into our personal protective equipment. Regardless of whether it is work gloves, safety shoes etc. Recycled material is gaining ground. Below you can see our sustainable PPE.

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Green profile

Sustainability is our responsibility

We take our responsibility for the environment and climate seriously and therefore we must always uncover which alternatives our customers may have when they have to concentrate on personal occupational safety. Several of our partners are already in the process of getting the green idea into their products. They recognize, like us, that our planet must be spared the tremendous overload it is subjected to every single minute.

Environmentally friendly PPE

We are not saying that we can yawn over everything at once. But we are slowly taking the very first steps in a much greener direction. It requires an understanding from all parties in the process. From producer to consumer.

Here you will find a selection of green products that are environmentally friendly. For example, read ATG's sustainability program for their MaxiFlex gloves by clicking here. It may also be Ansell that is your preferred brand. As responsible modern production companies, Stennevad's suppliers have effectively committed themselves to delivering on the green transition.

The future is green in Stennevad

For Stennevad, it is about being able to deliver a security product that meets the customer's requirements. But at the same time it must live up to stricter and stricter requirements for sustainability. As a certified ISO 14001 company, our framework is clear. The UN's global goals are what the company has as an overall guiding star in the journey towards a sustainable future.

You can reach us on tel. +45 75 144 000 or send us an email at [email protected]. You can also fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.