When you only need to protect your clothes, coating is the right solution

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Cover yourself while working

Here you will find many types of coatings that all protect your clothes against for example splash of paint. Here you will also find shoe covers so you can be secured by your safety shoes in people's homes.

In fact, not many people think about it, but overalls can solve more immediate challenges than just. Imagine having children and their parents every morning in the kindergarten where there is a lot of traffic with shoes and boots everywhere. Shoe coating minimizes the spread of dirt and mud in the day care center when mother and father pick up and bring.

Kristen Hüttemeier and protective sleeves. Why stop there? Protective sleeves for all inconvenient dirty work and or cooking. It's not so crazy anyway, if you do not have anything decided against overcoats and other overalls.

Much industry, especially in food production, requires the use of kittens and caps or hair nets. We at Stennevad know all the requirements and can solve most requests for a one-time overdraft.


We can even automate the upholstery of shoe covers with a machine designed for the purpose. We can provide inquiries so that you as a customer can solve your problems quickly, efficiently and efficiently. This is clearly an expression of increasing demand for safety clothing. So we take you down the one-way road, where everything is discarded immediately after use. Your sleeves, your apron, your overcoat, your kettle and the non-woven hair net.

We stand daily with customers who seek knowledge and assistance in their choice of coating product. We have an honest and direct approach to our customer service, where our consultants have made good use of many aspects of using personal safety equipment. They have seen the evolution of disposable clothes. An exclusion that requires knowledge of rules and legislation in the field.

In the end, it's about getting you home to the family at the end of your shift. That's why we save your live with certainty.