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Only quality stuff

It's annoying when the floor scraper does not work properly and is of low quality, you do not get out of here because all our floor scrapers are of very high quality.

It is not only for cleaning reasons that you need a floor scraper near your hand when you need to clean the floors and walls. It is also about security as well, because a slippery floor can be dangerous to those who walk the floor. Therefore, let us in Stennevad equip you with the best quality in floor scrapers with rubber sheets. Together with the Danish Vikan, we can quickly uncover your and colleagues' needs so that you get the cleaning items you're just missing and missing every day.

Efficiency at work

We have all the elements to make you efficiently equipped without compromising work safety and efficiency. The direct execution of floor scrapping must be as accurate as possible. All slippery surfaces can or should be scrapped clean and dry so that they do not pose a potential danger to experienced persons.

There is the narrow floor scraper with matching refills - the wide scraper for larger tasks, still requiring some speed. And then there are also all the special floor scrapers and window scrapers and similar products that will finish any cleaning task with finesse.


The floor scraper is just as good a product when it comes to quickly making a substrate dry and safe in a safe way. If we only had the wiping option every time we had to wash the floor, then we would spend much longer drying the floor with rags that had to be twisted up again and again. There is no need for a floor scraper. This one lets you use again and again so that all the water is quietly scratched to some drain without any problems. Slides the rubber strip on the scraper or shaft, so you can replace each part with a new spare part. Of course, you can also upgrade to a new floor scraper, if you wish.

Vikan and Stennevad get ready with the solution to you and your colleagues.