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It is all about coming home safe - every day

An occupational accident can bring big life changes for both you, your colleagues and your loved ones at home. Therefore, it is first and foremost about getting home safely every day, it requires knowledge and the right equipment. You are sure to get both of us at Stennevad, with over 57 years of experience, we know exactly what is needed to ensure that you and your colleagues always come home safely - every day.

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Workplace injuries 2013 - 2017

workplace injuries in Denmark 2013 - 2017


Below you will find guides that help you find the right, safe solution for your work. You will also find knowledge about occupational safety based on you and your work - whether you work on a construction site, offshore factory or something else. Also you will find tests of products from different brands within personal protective equipment such as safety helmets, ear protection and safety shoes.Contact us in case of any doubts regarding use.

Construction site safety

construction site safety

Security on site? Here you can see an overview of some of the many things you should have in mind in real life. Safety first!

When do you need hearing protection?


What questions should you ask yourself when you are bothered by noise at work and in your spare time? Here are some good tips for you and your use of hearing protection.

Do you feel lucky?

do you feel lucky?

How would you like 12.742.257? Are you gambling with more than just the money for your ticket every week? Read more about your odds here!

Protects You at work


At Stennevad we stand by our responsibility as your preferred supplier of correct personal safety solutions and here our guides play a central role.

Guides & knowledge

You have a secure partner in Stennevad when it comes to personal safety and personal protection. Our purpose is to dress up for your work every day - year round. Whether you primarily call a construction site, a factory, or something completely different for your workplace. Here you will continuously find guides and knowledge about personal safety, the use of personal protective equipment and fall protection. You will also find tests of popular products, as well as reviews from people who actually use the equipment every day.


Every year in Denmark more than 40,000 occupational accidents occur, we believe that 40,000 are too many. The sad thing is that the vast majority of all occupational accidents can be avoided by the proper use of personal protective equipment such as work gloves, safety helmets, fall arrestors and equipment. In those times where technology is more advanced and take care of more tasks, legislation and requirements will be difficult to keep up with. It is therefore even more important than ever to be extra aware of occupational accidents and their causes.

Knowledge is safety

It is imperative that you and your colleagues have the necessary knowledge about the safety equipment and its use, so we arrange tailor-made courses for you, your industry and jobs. Knowledge and growth are closely linked. The more knowledge the higher the growth. Since it can also help minimize occupational accidents and injuries, it is important to know the laws, regulations and standards of safety and protection. In our education program, we emphasize providing knowledge, combined with rules, standards, product knowledge and the experience we have gained through the over 57 years the company has existed and has been dealing with personal safety equipment.