Safety gloves

When you need work gloves, Stennevad is your perfect partner. Here you will get everything from mounting gloves to rubber gloves for chemistry.

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Your hands need gloves

If you at your work can get hurt with your fingers, then you need protection in the form of safety gloves. Work injuries on fingers and hands are some of the most common injuries, and some of them can be avoided by wearing gloves. In the worst case, a single cut injury may cost many days off. The wrong glove can also help to make a smaller work injury much larger, therefore you need knowledge and guidance when it comes to work gloves. Your reliable partner Stennevad has worked in the last decades for targeted gloves - known under the brand by Stennevad, and market-leading manufacturer of work gloves Ansell. You are always safe when you buy your gloves with us Stennevad.

Which gloves are the best?

When you look around here in our safety glove category, you will notice that we have 10 different types. That's a good reason, and that is because there is not just a glove that is "best" for everything. Just like a glove should fit your hand, your gloves should also match the task you are facing. It can be really dangerous, for example, always using a cut glove, If used when a tool like a drill or similar tool is running, it may clamp and cause severe damage to fingers, hands and arms. Therefore, for a good reason, we have a wide range of work gloves such as cutting-resistant gloves with varying strength - because not all tasks require the same protection.

Gloves that can handle chemistry

Chemistry is everywhere in our everyday life, you probably have one or more tasks where you and your colleagues are in direct contact with oils, strong detergents or means of production. It is really important to choose a glove that is actually suitable for dealing with chemical, Here you are safe with Stennevad and our wide selection from Ansell work gloves.