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A big difference

A good boots and shoes can make a big difference in any company, it can prevent much unnecessary cleaning - especially in areas with high traffic. Here you will find high caliber boots.

You see them many places where it is necessary to get dirt, mud and soil of shoes and boots before moving on to a new area. Shoes and cleaning brushes for boots and rubber boots are an easy and effective way to get rid of unwanted items on your footwear.

High End products

Together with Danish Vikan, Stennevad delivers a solution that is simple and economical, while maintaining easy maintenance. Turn a feast on your head and you suddenly have an effective cleaner. Use it at work or at the football pitch so that the football boots can also get a good deal before the players enter the changing room.

Service for you

We guarantee that you will receive what you need. In customer service, we quickly and efficiently arrive at your product, after which delivery will take place as soon as possible. We have been working with the Vikan for several years and therefore believe in their quality products all the way. They deliver everything in stock goods and always respond to your and other customers' needs for boot lighters. It is always about keeping the hygiene at its peak. Therefore, soil and mud must remain in the areas where they belong. Outside.

More hygiene means more work safety, which is our main priority in Stennevad.

You can ask yourself the question. Where does a chimney fit into the company?

You can enjoy it as a contractor, craftsman, counselor and or farmer. Not to mention leisure activities such as outdoor sports including running, football, mountain biking and similar outdoor activities. A chimney can minimize the cleaning needs in many places and it is relatively easy to use. Put the shoe on your shoes and drive it back and forth against the brushes on the side and below.