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Here you will find climbing equipment for industrial climbing

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Industrial climbing

Industrial climbing is gradually every day for many people. Therefore, we carry a range of quality products from, among other things, Petzl and Edelrid. Thus, you know that you are guaranteed absolute high quality with the safety at the very top.

Let Stennevad be your lifeline for the right climbing equipment. Whether it's climbing equipment for wood felling, climbing rope or a climbing frame. It's about you and your fall protection equipment so your personal occupational safety is in place.

Avoid falling

A fall is equally dangerous, regardless of whether it happens in leisure time or at work. We know the dangers and can identify risks for you.

Climbing has also gained business as it offers other options as you move around in height. Therefore, you are also dependent on perfectly selected climbing and maintenance and proper service.

Our climbing and climbing rope are only of the best quality for a quality-conscious rope access industry that rely on their climbing equipment. From carabiner to climbing - An incorrect product can mean poorer working conditions and worst-case falls.

Industrial closure is in a league regarding legislation and regulation. We at Stennevad are on the go and advise on usage and rules.

Maintenance is key

As a leisure slat, you should also stop once a while. Just look at what is required by the industrial wearer. Your equipment may not be as well-maintained and acceptable as you think. Do climbing parts and carabiner hooks supply anchor points to the minimum requirements? Gray zone leisure should also be taken seriously. We say why not. We show professional and safety-conscious people what's up and down on fall protection and climbing equipment.

We have a service department that is constantly updated on legislation and permits for the inspection of many different brands. They also say if there is a fire they must not look after. It is always important that your service provider must check your equipment. If not, it's you it hangs on if it goes wrong.

We will give you the answer.