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Cheap & safe protection

With the right dust mask, you ensure good protection when you work. Dust masks are hot to wear, and we can often forget them. However, it is important to remind yourself and your employees about the dust mask. A dust mask prevents dust and other particles from penetrating the airways and lungs. Our dust masks come in packages of 10-20 pieces. That way, you have a new hand when the old needs a replacement. Always make sure you change your dust masks for optimum safety. By offering more models and more brands, we want to hit just your favorite. We think it is easier to remember the protective equipment when they are comfortable to wear. Our dust masks meet all the requirements, so you can breathe safely while you work.

However, always keep in mind some things when choosing the dust mask as a respirator. Dust mask rules. In Denmark, use only a dust mask 3 hour a day. It is important to include when your workday is to be planned. In addition, how close a filter mask can end. Anything called facial hair and beard is therefore not recommended when using masks as respiratory protective equipment. We say a mask to skin and nothing else, if you're going to get something that just looks like a desired effect of your personal safety equipment.

Our own line

Our own Exhaler is a reasonable and comfortable solution at a very good price, which of course also means something when it comes to disposable masks. Filtering respirators need not be complicated and a disposable mask P2 or P3 can be a sensible place to begin.

Dust masks are basically solid particles like dust and liquid fog.

In addition, a P3 mask can also handle viruses. No matter what, our consultants and customer service are always ready for advice and assistance. They are all experienced and aware of the importance of proper use of respirators in the form of dust masks for work.