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Highend brushes

A good washing brush can be hard to find, on this page you will find only high-quality brushes, from the simplest brushes - for special brushes for special purposes. When we think of cleaning and cleaning, it is often with the help of, for example, a Vikan brush of some kind. Stennevad has for many years worked with Danish Vikan to provide industry and private with quality brushes like an efficient car brush, a brush or even a velvet brush, especially as a pipe brush. Even if you and your colleagues now choose a wood brush, it's either because you have a precise reference to the task to be solved, or you may need to increase the awareness of other models of dishwashing brush. What may seem like a simple product may have more features than what appears first.

Should your car brush be with or without passage? And how hard or soft should it be? Should there be a shaft on your Vikan brush? A tube brush with steel hair or much softer hair?

We have the solution for you

Whether you're looking for a shoe rack or bottle rack, just look past our shop first. We will find what you need if we do not already have the brush in advance. With a range of professionals, we give you and your partner security with a week brush between your fingers.

Delivery-proof and fast response, which qualities we in Stennevad appreciate from our suppliers. It should benefit customers immediately, when the choice has fallen on a car brush or a wash brush or a brick brush.

A busy day requires good and solid cleaning equipment. For when you wash cars and machines - or just wash it up. There is no brush that does not have one or more applications in our selection. If you have a need, we will find the brush for you if it is not already on Customer service is ready to find a cleaning brush or car brush or pipe brush.