Safety sandals ensure you comfort in the warehouse and during the warm months

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Get air to your feet with safety sandals

Have you also wanted more air for your feet during the hot months? Safety scandals are the solution for optimized ventilation. Many times, you stand in a working situation that does not require a closed shoe. With the option of using the sandal, you can keep your feet dry and cooled much easier than with conventional safety footwear. The sandal is a modern and open shoe that enhances comfort throughout the day.

Sandals can be really good work shoes. And if they are maintained regularly and otherwise treated carefully and proportionally properly, they will also meet you and your challenges. It's all about finding the right sandal for the task-and for course of course. That's why Stennevad can help with knowledge and advice based on very long years of experience in PPE and personal protective equipment.

Do you need safety shoes or safety sandals?

A warehouse worker or machine operator for that matter may be equally well with a safety sandal as with a similar shoe. However, the difference can be both weight and heat emission. The sandal is unique in relation to ventilation from sweating feet. And you know for sure how unpleasant warm feet can feel already early in the day. Then look in the direction of the sandal. Perhaps it may solve one or more of your problems with hot fusses.

Therefore, if you are looking for lightweight safety shoes, consider the safety issue if the internal safety shoe rules permit. Better ventilation and comfort, for warm feet and toes. Work scams are your security to be able to get through a long working day without your feet suffering any harm.

Call Stennevad and we find the right solution for you

Whether it's safety shoes Odense, safety shoes Copenhagen or safety shoes Aarhus. We deliver quickly and accurately across the country. Try us already today.

In Stennevad we are not in doubt. Safety scandals are an excellent option, if the rules permit. Always be aware of the requirements for your working footwear.

If in doubt, call us.