Are you in need of hearing protection for short tasks? So, earplugs may be the answer

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Use earplugs as the cheap and practical solution

If you have short-term tasks where you need noise reduction, earplugs might be the same! They are small, easy to have with all places and above all very cheap. They are available in many varieties and degrees of attenuation. Keep in mind that it's about lowering the sound level to the tolerable 85 decibels and no more - overdoing is dangerous! Contact our customer service if you do not find the right ear plugs on this page.

It may be a good idea to look for a model for ear plugs, as they are sometimes more manageable and flexible, a traditional ear plunger. Probes basically dampen when they are properly inserted into the ear. In fact, it may require a little practice, because both strength and patience are to be used.

A scrub crop that most of us know has its best function if it is nailed well with your fingers to a compact pointed little stick. This is carried as far into the ear as possible. Just press it, it should not fall out.

From standard to moulded earplugs

Always keep clean hands when you roll the earplugs. Dirt and dirt in the ear canal can result in infections and disease. In addition, Stennevad recommends that you change the capsules daily to avoid excessive dirt in your ears.

These discrete ear protectors are available in different versions. Over here the economical foam plugs. These are available loose, on hanger and with string.

Then we have the slats that are more durable and can be used over a long period of time with a little cleaning and proper maintenance. And finally, we have the special plugs - the molded ear protectors that fit an ear canal.

Honeywell and 3M produce well-known brands like E-A-R and Bilsom. They know about someone where daily work safety is handled with the right ear plugs. Whether it's earbuds or molded plugs for concert work or Max Lite for heavy industry work, there's a solution. And we will find it together