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When there is not enough oxygen

This type of respirator should be used when oxygen levels reach below a certain point. General turbo-powered respirators can not help because there is not enough oxygen. Let us advise when it comes to protecting you and your colleagues' airways, we are specialists in providing advice and finding the right solution. We are an experienced supplier of air-conditioned respiratory systems tailored to your needs and current challenges. We know what factors are involved when you and your colleagues need fresh air from a compressor. Questions about capacity, approvals, equipment, components require thorough preparation and knowledge. We can help you, contact our customer service by mail or phone.

Now, do your own solution with a compressor and some hoses. Breathing is a serious matter and should always be taken seriously. In Stennevad, we know what to use and what it takes to get an setup you can actually use for something in practice. We help you to do it right the first time.

A system for air-fired respirators consists of powerful parts, each of which has a unique function. Clean science is pure science. Therefore, you should leave it to us because we are experts in the field. Our fresh air systems are always tailor made for the specific task, as tasks and technical specifications as well as the surroundings are always different. Respiratory protective equipment with fresh air requires fresh air masks, refrigerators and several filter units in addition to an approved and tested compressor with sufficient capacity for one or more persons.

When should we use compressed air for respiratory protection?

When the working time with mask daily exceeds 3 hours.

When there is too little oxygen in the air around you. (It could be in a tank, less enclosed spaces or silos and sewers.)

We know what you need, grab our experts in the area. It saves you from accidents like respiratory damage and deaths.