Here you will find gloves for the technician who needs comfort and durability throughout the day, our own dexter by Stennevad line is made just for you.

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Leather gloves with sensation

For you who work with machinery and mechanics, we have tech gloves. It is mainly gloves made of skins, especially goose skin. The glove gloves have super comfort and durability, they are designed to match the technicians and their many different tasks. So whether you are the janitor of a school and are responsible for all upkeep and maintenance, or if you are a service technician at a factory. Then there is a great chance that technicians gloves of leather, especially goatskin are the perfect solution as a protective device for your hands.

dexter by Stennevad

You and your hands are completely safe when you select technician gloves from our own dexter by Stennevad line. We have developed and produced leather gloves for technicians for almost 40 years, so you and your colleagues get full benefit from 4 decades of experience and collaborate with technicians at some of Denmark's leading manufacturers and technically best companies. Knowledge and experience are priceless when we speak personal and occupational safety, you are always completely sure of your work when you have Stennevad as your safety partner.

When it comes to our own leather gloves, it is important for us to point out how approvals and commodities should harmonize to give you the best and most accurate sense of safety when you are at work. We make much of our gloves comply with current rules and standards. We continuously ensure that we maintain and update the product documentation so that you always have the opportunity to support you for official approvals and labeling.

Gloves must be on your hands

It is with work gloves and safety helmets as with normal gloves and bicycle helmets - they only protect when they are on and are being used correct. With Stennevad in the back you are sure that you and your employees have the necessary knowledge about personal safety and personal protection, their use and how the work laws are on your company's interfaces in your industry and market.