Petzl is the epitome of quality, experience and popularity when the talk falls on fall protection products and climbing equipment as well as lamps and the like. Customers know and we in Stennevad know about it.

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For several years, industry such as fall protection and industrial climbing has taken a decisive glimpse of demand and product development. A tendency they take seriously at Petzl in France. With an innovation and a mentality that radiates on the beaten, Petzl brings fall protection equipment and the like into the future. We are aware of this as we have an open and frequent dialogue with you and all our other customers. That's why we are Petzl Expert appointed by Petzl in Denmark because we know what it's all about when you and your colleagues need gear in a hurry.

When we talk about falling fires and industrial climbing, you and colleagues will never be content with equipment. It's about your life and affairs, so you'll have the best equipment, the best service with all the advice, certification and testing. Our people are experienced in the sales and service of Petzl equipment, as they each day have tasks that require knowledge and know-how about fall protection products and the rules that apply in the field.

Start with Petzl, then the product part is in place. At the same time, we can always track the parts all the way with our and Petzl's own data management system. History of gear is important today if the unthinkable one should go and happen.

Work and safety equipment such as safety helmets and lamps is also high-end at Petzl. It is our customers and therefore you should be able to buy Petzl easily and quickly at or online at

Finally, get in touch with customer service when the need for security arises. We are always available when things are going to go well as they often do in some industries.

Petzl and Stennevad will continue their cooperation in the future so you can be sure and quickly come to products such as Petzl Pixa, Avao Bod, Asap and Vertex ST.

We welcome everyone who goes up to quality because it's the deciding factor in personal safety, after all.