Protect your personal safety equipment from sun and rain. Stennevad has bags for you

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A bag for your gear

Here you can get bags that can fit your personal fall protection equipment and more. It is important to take care of the equipment so that it includes Do not get UV light from the sun day long in the car, it takes care of the equipment quickly. Think about it. Your personal safety equipment is personal. So, ensure proper storage of the equipment.

Together with Stennevad, having your own bags as well as brands like EMG and Petzl, you can sleep safely at night because you know your equipment is safe and dry stored.

Your need for storage

Depending on your need for storage bag, we can help you achieve a bag that suits you and your requirements. Regarding fall protection equipment that has a lifetime and an expiration date, storage and maintenance is only important. We have bags that protect against dirt, water, wear and sunlight.

With materials like TPU, PVC and nylon, we are on the move when you need bags for work.

We can even get editions approved for lifting officially. It has begun to prove itself as a requirement for more and more jobs. Of course, we try to meet the right products and approvals.

The shape of a bag is also not subordinate. The shape should fit. We have traditional square carrying cases with the option of extra durable reinforcement at the bottom. But backpacks and emergency bags are also clear task options for professionals who need optimal mobility while transporting with transport bags.

Round bags with and without carrying capacity are always in stock. Trolley solutions, handles wheels for convenient movement with suitcases, bags and sports bags and travel bags.

We know about a resort if you tell us how to travel and work. With that in mind, we can take the core of your baggage needs. The materials are controlled.

Call and hear more. We do not disappoint you, we'll save your life with certainty.