Here you will find special safety gloves that are suitable for special purposes and tasks, for example, work with heat, vibration and needles.

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Safety gloves for special purposes

Special safety gloves are special purpose gloves, work areas and tasks where heat, vibrations and things like needles play an important role in your everyday life. There are work gloves that have a number of special features and associated approvals and certifications, they are particularly good at specific tasks and are therefore the best, cheapest and above all - safest choice for the task. If you and your colleagues work under conditions where you are exposed to high heat, eg in a foundry, shipbuilding or the like, or you are subject to constant vibration - for example, by road and other construction machinery. Then grab us in Stennevad, we will help you in terms of safety at work - even when working with special areas and therefore need a special solution for you.

Protect yourself against needles

When you work in an industry where your employees can risk encountering needles and other pointed items. Then it is important that the personal protective equipment you have purchased for your employees is also ready for the task. Therefore, in Stennevad, you can find gloves that are produced with this task in mind, work gloves suitable for tasks such as: Cleanup for drug addicts, emptying of needle waste and work in hospitals and in psychiatry.

Keep out the heat with gloves from Ansell

For those working in hard conditions on drilling platforms with oil and gas extraction, we have some special work gloves that are suitable for this.

It is world-renowned Ansell with, among other things, their ActivArmr 97-100 work gloves are on hand when it comes to both anti-slip and heat resistant properties, for when work safety is in the closet - even out of the sea where things need to go extra fast. With Stennevad and Ansell in your hand and back you and your colleagues are completely safe every day - around the clock.

Resist vibrations

We have for many years worked with small and large contractors, and one of the areas where there may be special protective equipment is on our hands. With gloves like Ansell's Vibraguard 07-112 , the vibrations from your cool construction machines are muted to tolerable levels, one ensures a good workmail, happy employees and colleagues as well as a better bottom line.