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Find your new welder's clothing here at Stennevad

When working high temperature, such as welding and cutting-edge burn, protection may be even more important than before. We are all aware of how much damage hot items can cause on our hands and arms when we work. Therefore, it is important for protection to be correct in situations that require extra proper protection. When you and your colleagues weld or the like that do with molten metal, then your personal security needs are at a different level.

Fire damage to the body is, as a rule, damage to be kept away from, because destruction and pain can be life threatening. Our solutions in welding clothing such as sleeves, jackets and aprons can accompany any worker in the heavy metal industry where welding equipment and cutting burners are everyday.

Our split jackets are of the highest quality for use many times over a relatively long period of time. Here, leather is an unrivaled product for heat protection.

Warmex welder's clothing keeps you mobile at work

If the need for easy mobility is greater than the relatively heavy leather solution, then Varmex is justified for you and your colleagues. With the fabric composition, the weight of the leather is cut away and stands back with modern heat and glow-resistant Warmx products that live up to everything in spite of its completely opposite design to the leather models.

In customer service, Stennevad is ready to help you and your colleagues to a sensible solution for the protection of your body during the welding tasks. We speak every day with our customers all over Denmark. Therefore, we always learn from the customer's accounts, which enables us to make the most accurate security decisions with our customers. All our trade is based on experience and trust. Outside, there is no quality in the advice you and your colleagues deserve.

Therefore, you can safely let Stennevad help you with your welding equipment.