Address & Business hours

Lillebaeltsvej 1-3
6715 Esbjerg N

+ 45 75 14 40 00
[email protected]

Mondag - thursdag

8.00 - 16.00


8.00 - 14.00

Watchphone outside opening hours

75 14 40 00

We work when you do

Although we have some very traditional 8-16 hours, it does not mean that you are on your own beyond. We are your safe and flexible partner who does not let you down when the clock has turned 16. You can always get in touch and help around the clock on our hotline for emergencies, but in addition we are also there for you.

Do you have a tailored safety agreement, then you also have your own personal adviser. Your adviser will always make sure you stay up to date, within personal safety and provide you with optimal service - even outside opening hours. It is in Stennevad's spirit to go the extra mile for you and your colleagues, so you can always sleep safely when you are in our safe hands.

Emergency telephone

We know how important the fast response is for professionals who are in the field night and day under any kind of working conditions. Therefore, it can be crucial that you take the proper personal safety backup. Of course, of course, we mean your inequalities, if everything is ticking and you face an urgent problem that needs to be handled outside normal opening hours.

There we help to shorten your waiting time as much as possible with our watchphone, staffed to handle emergency situations. If your operating time suffers a coke due to occupational safety, then grab your mobile phone and call Stennevad on the number you know.

The call to 75144000 is forwarded after closing time, so you will never be met by silence when you stand and need the most guidance and sparring. We will do what we can to remedy your problem. Of course, we do that by direct communication. Our watchphone is designed for when it really burns. When you and your colleagues do not or can not continue working.

Then you call - we protect you at work.