Here you will find accessories for suits such as special chemtape

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Secure your suit

When you need to secure your gas suit with tape, there must be special tapes like chemtape intended for purpose, otherwise the gas passes through the normal tape.

It does not take any advantage to equip you with all the rules and regulations with the wildest equipment like gas suits with air-tight respirators and butyl gloves if you forget about the small details. Getting the wallpaper zippers, sleeves and lipstick is essential for the overall safe suit. Our experts in Stennevad know how to do the chemtape accessories to avoid leaks and the dangers that accompany them. 

On our Youtube channel, you can find instructions on how to dress and take off a safety suit with accessories to avoid infection and other contamination. If you're still in doubt, just call Customer Service. Then they help you on their way.

Accessories for aprons

In addition to chemtape, we have other accessories as a sling for our many aprons. Then you can ensure a proper fit in relation to any apron using the harness.

We all know the feeling. Going down to accessories products for our equipment just does not hold. It goes beyond the mood and productivity and we cannot enjoy it in the long run.

Call us at Stennevad. We can collectively find the type of accessories for the suit you are missing. We ask you all the right questions, so we will quickly and safely find a useful solution for you and your colleagues. We give you just the extra options to upgrade your safety cover so that it reaches the heights you demand as a professional. We know about the frustration of equipment that does not work and the working hours that run from you. Our goal is to save your life with certainty in the form of guidance and advice with a knowledge of what is permitted and appropriate in accessories for suits and overalls as personal occupational safety at the modern workplace.