Protect your sweetest possession - your eyes with good safety glasses

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Protect your eyes with good safety glasses

The eyes are our sweetheart, protect them properly! We carry many kinds of safety glasses because people are different. Come past and try your way to your match. A specific task requires certain protective equipment. We have the right knowledge when it comes to equipment and advice on the use of personal gear to improve your work safety. A spectacle can be completely wrong choice for your work. Therefore, it may be a good idea to consult with experienced people in the field of protective equipment. We help you and colleagues so that you can solve your tasks without compromising your vision. See smart glasses, tight goggles, glasses with strength and models with options for bets.

Get your safety glasses with strength here

Today there is much more in the choice of a spectacle than just pulling something down from the shelf.

It should look good and the comfort should be right in the closet. Therefore, fashion has just gone in the safety glasses. We recognize the development of the spectacle market, which has given new products in time-honoring designs with updated and modern features that refined and sharpened the finest function of the goggles. To be the best eyewear at all.

If so, there are goggles with strength, shadow or reading area - even a correct eyeglass case or loose eyeglass. The glasses are many and for all needs. With our own Emerson glasses, but also 3M products we embrace all the needs. And if we against all expectations should come short and do not have or can deliver a spectacle to you then we do our best to do it anyway.

For several decades, we have followed the development and legislation in the field of safety goggles and eye protection in Stennevad. And we know what it takes to protect you and your colleagues in our very demanding and safe modern labor market today.