Superb powered full and half face masks from Japanese specialists. Innovative turbo-powered solution - everything is lightweight and located in the mask. Then you are free from hose and belt throughout your working day.

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    STS Shigematsu

    Why not go for the exaggerated quality when you and your colleagues need to wear respiratory protection? After all, it's your lungs and life, it's often about when there are dangerous substances and particles involved in the work tasks. In your cooperation with us as a supplier of and advisor on personal safety, we now introduce to you and the rest of the Danish market a new and unique opportunity to get the highest quality of respiratory protection even faster and more often, if necessary. STS Shigematsu is the future of respiratory protection in Europe. Therefore, we at Stennevad have chosen to say that delivery security and quality are paramount factors together with the right knowledge and advice.

    Everything is in the package when you shop STS Shigematsu Safety with us in Stennevad. With a compact and rock-solid product range, STS Shigematsu is confident that they can make a significant difference to customers who already use known brands in the field of respiratory protection.

    If you come with the query, there is not the challenge we cannot solve with an STS Shigematsu product. Whether it is safety glasses, disposable suits or masks and filters. Expertise is unsurpassed and STS Shigematsu solves challenges in your workplace in no time. There is always and most importantly thought of the detail, whether it is a Combipack with half-mask and filters or whether it is their modern turbo engine and fresh air-supplied respirator.

    At Stennevad, we are confident that you will prefer service, advice and delivery security always. We now have the brand, there is everything and more. Even sensible if the order quantity is right.

    Just remember that the air we go and breathe must be as clean as possible. Can you now also be sure how contaminated air smells if it smells at all?

    We know our respiratory protection in Stennevad and we know the rules and standards within the area. STS Shigematsu does that too. Therefore, the result is our new alliance. See all the products under the STS Shigematsu brand.