When you only need protection, passive ear protection is super for the purpose

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Cheap earmuffs with high safety

Ear protection is a necessary protective device in most industries. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of hearing protection, ensuring you the right hearing protection. These passive ear protectors are some of the most simple, therefore also the affordable solution. Our range includes both ear plugs and the larger ear protectors, some with built-in radio, others with bluetooth. All for the same purpose - to protect your hearing.

We have a solid partnership with 3M Peltor, which delivers well-known brands like the X Series and the recognized Optime model. We know that it is paramount with the correct protection when talking about the ears and hearing.

Over decades, Optime 1 2 3 has been a solid component of security equipment for industry. Hellberg's Mark hearing protection also testifies to quality and safety. But also in the market for passive headrest protection and the helmet mounted, there is a development for it even better and more modern.

The Peltor X Series is the new one in the class that is not behind and hides. More compact, more efficient, less weight, improved design and comfort.

Especially with the new X4, Peltor has moved far regarding optimal attenuation.

Likewise, good crimping as Optime 3, but fills significantly less. and, of course, also weighs less.

The passive hearing protection

If you must go to top top top protection. Then X5 is the solution for you and your colleagues. This passive ear cup provides optimum attenuation before it gets as much. Noise can be so high that it goes straight through the skull with which the surroundings are impossible to be in. Therefore, we always encourage our customers to engage in obsolete talk about the safety of passive hearing protection so that we can quickly identify the needs for protective equipment.

The modern industry requires updated knowledge and use of the right personal safety equipment. Including 3M ear protection, Howard Leight and or Hellberg, all of whom are qualified for top quality in their area.