Her kan du se alt det tilbehør vi fører til rengøring, alle de småting du lige kunne stå og mangle i forbindelse med rengøringen. Alle produkterne er selvfølgelig i god kvalitet.

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Cleaning accessories

Here you can see all the accessories we bring to cleaning, all the little things you could just stand and lack in connection with the cleaning. All products are of course in good quality.

For wall holders and dispensers as well as fittings for various cleaning items, look right here once. We also have lint-free cloths from Sontara. An ingenious product for work requiring an extra high cleanliness, where nothing must be left to chance when it is to be wiped off.

We also have floor cloths and carpeting for universal cleaning and other wiping tasks.

If you are wearing garbage bags, we will deliver bags of different colors like clear, white and traditional black.

What you need

Of course, we also have the standard black pvc bucket for 12 liters because we know it's good quality at a reasonable price. Cleaning is and will always be a major part of occupational safety at many jobs in Denmark. Therefore, in Stennevad, we have been working closely with those who know most about cleaning equipment and cleaning tools and accessories for the years. Danske Vikan keeps the tab and barren high when it comes to quality and durability for their products.

Nothing is left to chance when they work with cleaning. We know that we, together with the Vikan, can give you and colleagues the right solution for your cleaning equipment and universal detergent. The ease of heavy cleaning is always made easier with the right products from the right supplier and partner. Vikan and Stennevad.

Your accessories should of course be okay, because cleaning tasks always return to a busy industry. If you are just missing a blunt for your setup within cleaning, never hesitate to call customer service. Here we can easily find what you're looking for with simple means. Often, we have it in stock, but otherwise we will get it home to you as soon as possible, so you do not get stuck due to lack of accessories for cleaning.