Fall protection

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Ask the experts

We are experts in the use of personal fall protection equipment and therefore provide the best advice on the purchase and servicing of harnesses, SRL and life lines. With increasing demands from offshore and wind markets, we are following developments closely, which means that at stennevad.dk you will find all the most popular solutions for protection against falls. For more than 15 years, we have focused a lot of fall protection with Petzl, Miller, Söll, Fallprotec, Fallsafe, Capital Safety and more. We quickly and efficiently solve all your challenges in the height.

It's not the fall that gets you

It's usually never falling that kills you, but when the fall stops. That is why we say in Stennevad. With proper fall protection, we eliminate the risk of falling. Most fall crashes today happen because a work situation has not been thought through. There is such work in places at risk of falling that the first major step towards safety starts with a risk assessment. We should be able to exclude risks from the work. It's best for you to consult with those who know what moments to think about in your day of work.

We master the ability to equip as needed while having quality and price in mind. But with fall protection, it's about more than the product. It's about trust to your smith partner. We never compromise on security because it can end up costing human life. We adhere to all rules and certifications. 

We make sure to update and educate ourselves so that we always have our suppliers' approval to service as well as to check equipment choreographically and efficiently.

More than just sales

Purchase your fall protection equipment in Stennevad, learn to use and maintain it in Stennevad and get it regularly checked and approved by Stennevad's service department, where Hans Laugesen and Henning Pedersen are ready to help. Their experience and knowledge of the products in use is your safe companion in everyday life. You can always call and hear more about rules and products.