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Quality cleaning gear

Cleaning of cleaning supplies is a regular part of any working day for most craftsmen and production workers. With the right equipment, the chance is not so bad, we carry a wide range of quality products for cleaning, we have everything from brushes to boot cleaners. And after so many years in the industry for safety and hygiene, we still see a huge need for durable cleaning equipment that can help effectively carry out specific cleaning tasks. There is nothing more annoying than if you stand and are missing a particular diet or scratch when you are doing the cleaning and cleaning up well.

Vikan cleaning gear from Denmark

Our cleaning products range in everything from tools to the Assoren universal detergent and disposable cloths as the famous, incomparable Sontara lint-free cloth. In the case of large-scale cleaning in industry or the public sector with institutions and nursing homes. We only lead the most well-known brands with a solid reputation of quality and durability for many tasks. You do not have to go down on cleaning items when you just give us a call. We know that personal occupational safety is associated with cleaning and hygiene. Therefore, we always deliver the entire security package if you ask. There is no need to stand short. All that happens is that you and your colleagues are exposed to danger when you may not even be aware of it.

Customer service for you and your colleagues

The best starting point is when the cleaning task is to be done quickly and efficiently. Should you sweep, wash or dry? Basically, if only you and your colleagues are picking up your business articles at Stennevad. Then you are in charge of service, quality and expert advice every single time, cleaning, washing up, wiping, laundering and dusting is necessary. The safe way to a cleaner working environment.