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Time is vital

Time is vital when a fall has occurred, so you must ensure a way that the person who has been exposed to falls can quickly get back to earth. Otherwise there are hinged trauma, which in the worst case can result in death. We have many different types of systems that are all suitable for specific industries, so contact our customer service to find the right solution for you & your colleagues.

EN1496 is the standard that describes how your equipment can be used. And it's just keeping your tongue in your mouth when you're going to maneuver through explosives in terms of rules, legislation and training.

When we talk about evacuation, there should be an evacuation plan to follow. If not, one must be prepared. Decisive evacuation units are a highly regarded product. We of course have both solutions from Miller and Mark Save a Life with their Elephant. It's about spending as little time as possible. Therefore, evacuation plans that can save lives. Whether it's wooden legs with waist for rope and wire as well as a evacuation block. Or you should completely get in the chromed solution because the work area and your personal workforce simply require it. Stennevad can join the sidelines.

If there is a risk of a fall, an evacuation plan must be submitted. What if - the plan.

Your personal consultants

The consultants in Stennevad have long experience with fall protection customers for many years. They are aware of the importance of the right advice for a workplace that needs fall protection equipment and rescue equipment in the form of evacuation and well hoisting.

We have a standard evacuation solution for everyone with the basic needs, while 3M Sala gives us some other options to help you and your coolers evacuate efficiently in places that require a little more special equipment.

So, whether you work up the wind turbine or down the sewer, you can work safely with.

We look forward to your call.